Mattoc Confectionery Engineering Ltd

Food Safe Heat Exchanger

Mattoc have designed and manufactured a scraped surface heat exchanger that meets the European rules for materials in contact with foods. This has been achieved through the use of carefully selected heat treated stainless steels to avoid the traditional use of chrome plated heat exchange surfaces which are not perceived as healthy in the modern day food areana. Scraper blades are made from 316 stainless steel and the rotor support bush from either food grade plastic or bronze, both of which are FDA and EU 10/2011-compliant. The heat exchanger know as the Cotator is commonly used to cook caramel or liquorice products and to cool viscous lumpy sauces. It is available in different lengths for diffent duties and is equipped with a robust geared motor and quenched mechanical seal. The insulated jacket can house water, steam or oil jackets for heating or cooling purposes.

Exhibitor Data Sheet