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Introduction Bric bag machine

This year GKS Packaging introduced LEAF at 3 international fairs. LEAF is not just any existing VFFS machine that has been modified to achieve "acceptable" results from compromises in making paper bags. Instead, a special machine has been developed to ensure the best results with paper. 

In addition to the development of the LEAF, GKS has a completely new development for making BRIC packaging. After the machine has been successfully installed at a customer, it is now time to make this development known to the world.

BRIC produces a brick packaging, also known as a block packaging.

Like all GKS machines, BRIC is completely modular and can therefore be easily adapted to customer-specific requirements. For example, there is a module for providing the package with a label with which the bag can be resealed after use.
In addition to the modular construction method, which is traditional for GKS, BRIC has a very small footprint and an open and hygienic design. BRIC can be placed behind any VFFS machine.
BRIC produces the perfectly formed packaging to optimally present your unique product.

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