Limitronic S.L.

Leaders in "In-line Direct Container Printing for Smart Packaging"

The implementation of DCP (Direct Container Printing) is a strategic milestone in the development of the packaging industry. Single-pass printing direct to packaging makes it possible to eliminate the adhesive marking label from the process. This leads to savings both in consumables and in the human resources that manually place them on the packaging. The use of inkjet technology in DCP increases the advantages. It also allows the elimination of stocks of pre-printed packaging, custom short run packaging and more efficient and increased production rate. Limitronic has developed this technology for over two decades as we strongly believe that custom packaging is a visual element that gives a brand identity and plays a key role in the value proposition.

Limitronic is the first Spanish manufacturer of industrial printers for the DCP market. We have been using inkjet technology in the development of our equipment for over twenty years. The company has been working closely with some of the world’s most important manufacturers of industrial inkjet printheads to offer high-quality printers.

In order to deliver a high-end product to its customers, we know that the key is working with the high-quality inkjet inks as well as excellent printers. Limitronic collaborates with leading ink formulators and manufacturers to ensure a perfect tandem between machine and ink. Limitronic offers its customers different types of inks based on their needs, always complying with environmental regulations.

Our systems can print on a wide range of materials, ensuring excellent adhesion on both porous and non-porous materials. Limitronic has industrial solutions implemented on packaging materials such as cardboard, eps-styrofoam, wood and rigid plastic. Customers are offered the best solutions at the forefront of technological advances in collaboration with leading ink formulators and printhead manufacturers in their sectors.

At the upcoming show INTERPACK from 04-10 May in Düsseldorf, Limitronic will be presenting its latest DCP industrial printers. These machines integrate the latest Seiko printheads. The white ink printing is done with the RC1536 printhead which allows high ink discharge, enabling a high opacity even on dark surfaces. CMYK inks are printed on these machines with Seiko 1024 printheads that provide quality prints at 360 dpi. Unlike the previous head, the 1024 does not require a recirculation system for the ink circuit, thus enhancing the design and reliability of the machines at even more competitive prices.

With this new technology, we will be presenting different versions of these machines: a CMYK colour printer with 360 dpi resolution or a more compact and economical version with 180 dpi native resolution. We offer two versions with print heights of 70mm (27”) to a maximum of 140mm (55”) depending on the customer's needs.
Limitronic not only manufactures industrial printers for the packaging sector but also create custom integrations of these machines to meet the customer's requirements. With more than twenty years of experience in this sector is backed up by thousands of printing solutions installed across five continents.

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