Proform SARL

On display – Proform Stand 1/B48

PROFORM specializes in extrusion process and forming machinery, designing and building complete production lines or individual machines for manufacturers.
Proform provides production machinery solutions for manufacturers of chewing and bubble gum, hard candy, soft candies, toffee or caramel, licorice, fruit gum or snacks, crackers, biscuits, pasta… as well as other pasty/viscous products… animal feeds...

On display – Proform Stand

Proform MI 100 Intruder
The latest technology in Soft Candy Processing

The Intruder is a single machine with the functions of four machines, with no labor:
-       cooling, crystallizing, mixing in ingredients and continual feeding of the soft candy into ropes to downstream forming lines.

Proform personnel will be available on site to explain the significant advantages of this Continuous Process as well as its economical functioning.

Co-Extruders GE 2-100 & Lab GE 2-50
For forming chewing or bubble gum / toffee or chewy candy…

This type of extruder is used to form two different colors or products simultaneously.

- co-extrude two colors or
- or extrude two colors & single-color products simultaneously.

Proform GE range extruders are in production worldwide forming bubble gum or soft chews in Cut & Wrap production lines.

After forming in the extruder, Proform of course builds cooling tunnels to cool the gum rope to directly feed client wrapping machines at tunnel output.

Ball Former BF 1002
This former can shape a solid rope or a hollow product rope, with a semi-liquid or powder filling, into a variety of spherical shapes, from balls to eggs or pears, to tennis balls or lentils…

A Proform Ball Former can shape both mini up to mammoth sized spherical products.

Products handled: bubble or chewing gum, grained chewy candy, hard candy, plastic or feed type products.

 Continuous Mixer ME 140
Also on display, a Continuous Mixer replaces traditional mixing in batches, to streamline overall production process both in terms of quantity and in quality, for example with chewing gum or bubble gum…to feeds or pet food.
- no metering of ingredients by operators, hygiene is enhanced, with greater accuracy.
- no handling of the product between the mixer and the downstream forming line.
- practically no cleaning phase required between products; with rapid recipe change-overs.

 Proform Filling Extruder GE 100-BR
Center-fills hard candy, with bubble gum or a soft candy.

For manufacturers making lollipops using a batch roller to form the rope of hard candy, Proform’s Filling Extruder can be retrofitted into their existing production line, to increase product spectrums to make single or double filled lollipops.

Double Filled Lollipops An option possible with the Filling Extruder is a second inner filling: making a final product with two fillings. Add a burst of flavor with a semi-liquid filling inside of the bubble gum filling.

KE 60 Cooker Extruder 
Licorice or fruit gum is cooked, mixed, dehumidified and pressed though the die-system, forming laces or bites, wound wheels, filled tubes or twists… in single or multiple colors. With or without sugar paste fillings.

A controlled cooking temperature yields a constant throughput, with a low moisture product.
The self-cleaning system means that product change-overs are simple and are quick.



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