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Spotlight on Sustainability: Chocolate Start-up nucao Is among the First to Rely on Koehler Paper’s Chocolate Primary Paper Packaging

Leipzig-based chocolate start-up nucao is shaking up the chocolate market. Founded in 2016, the company is currently leading the way when it comes to sustainable chocolate. nucao is the first chocolate manufacturer in the market to embrace primary packaging made from paper and has been using it for its chocolate products “nucao fruits” and “nucao nuts” since the end of 2022. The flexible packaging paper Koehler NexPlus® Advanced from Koehler Paper has an excellent oxygen, mineral oil, and grease barrier, which is necessary for applications where there is direct contact with chocolate and nuts. Making this switch enables nucao to meet a key consumer demand for greater sustainability and to lead the way in the chocolate market with how it chooses to package its products.

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