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Sustainability in the packaging process

Sustainability today
Sustainability is a major issue these days. Consumers and companies increasingly want to live sustainably, leave as little waste as possible and make the world a better place. Cyklop wants to contribute to this by offering sustainable products. For example, we try to reduce packaging waste, promote reuse and work ergonomically. Making the switch to eco-friendly packaging doesn't have to be hard!

Different ways to become more sustainable
Working more sustainably can be done in a number of ways. For example, packaging materials can be adapted to a recyclable option, working more ergonomically can help reduce absenteeism, and automating the packaging process can make a good long-term contribution. Sustainability is different for every company.

We help you become more sustainable
Within each product category, we have products that can help you on your way to making your packaging process more sustainable. Of course, we will advise you on how to do this, taking your wishes and needs into account. Together we will look at your packaging process and find out which solution is the best and most sustainable for your product. We accompany you from purchase to delivery and support you with the necessary machine maintenance.

Sustainable strapping

Sustainable Coding

Sustainable gluing

Sustainable bundling

Sustainable packaging

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