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Trigger Warning: WeightPack doubles your business

Twin Cap Sorter is the name of the year’s newest proposal from WeightPack, to be presented at the Interpack fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. To meet the exploding demand for household cleaning products the Italian company has developed an efficient and practical solution for doubling the speed of its machinery: this trigger cap feeder can in fact process more than 330 spray closures per minute. That’s nearly twice as fast as the company’s standard machinery, on a small footprint and at sustained speed.

The machine features a structure true to its name: two "twin" sorters, working simultaneously and in an independent way to distribute the triggers and unscramble them, make them marching toward the capping machinery. This allows great versatility and represents a huge advantage in terms of production. Redundancy means that should one sorter fail temporarily, the twin component will continue serving up trigger sprayers. Nonstop production, because performance comes first!

Not only that, but the twin version also allows the operator to have greater and easier accessibility, thanks to the strategically placed doors facing outward and thanks to the internal space that is created between the two sorters.

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