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Cutting machines: Showroom at Paul & Co

No dust and a clean edge: when cutting cores that are used by companies manufacturing and processing plastic film, it is critical to have a clean, dust-free cut. The decisive factor in this regard is how core and cutting machine interact with each other. Combined with various blade types, grindings and rotational speeds, different cores cause varying effects.

Further processing without malfunctions

At the company headquarters of Paul & Co in the Bavarian Rhön region, the consumers can test their cores on different cutting machines and find out what kind of paper core is most suitable for which cutting machine – and vice versa. Customers benefit from the knowledge gained as the reels wound with plastic film can be processed at their customers’ without malfunctions, and moreover, they leave a perfect visual impression.

Expertise provided by Eberlé

For the tests, not only Paul & Co’s paper core specialists, but also the cutting machine experts from Eberlé SAS provide advisory support. High-level technology of Eberlé’s machines brings about optimum cutting results for the cores – with a cutting edge without burrs and dust-free core ends. Cutting machines from Eberlé have a solid design and a low-maintenance construction and they enable short changeover times. The pneumatics and electrics make them easy to handle and the two-hand operation assures maximum safety.

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