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New S 300 Hi- speed labeller

Press Release from Collamat AG

The new Collamat S 300 High Speed labeller
- perfect for the fast industries like paper industry

Collamat AG is now introducing the new Collamat S 300 High Speed labelling unit – The Formula 1 Class of labellers.
The new Collamat S 300 High Speed labeller is designed to apply labels to products/forms on fast production lines – with product speed of up to 300m/min or 60’000 labels/hour (120’000 labels/hour in tandem mode) – predestinated for the paper industry, graphic printing, direct mailing etc.

Collamat S 300 - high speed, easy to integrate, easy to handle.

Collamat S 300 is compact and easy to integrate into production or finishing lines. The complete electronic is integrated into the traction unit therefore no additional cabling is needed and allows for very fast installation times.
It is easy to handle: the set-up time is very short because of the intuitive menu structure of the control panel and the possibility of store up to 99 programmes.
The High-Speed labeller is able to work in several operational modes. For example: The NON STOP mode guarantees that all products are labelled via an automatic changeover from one labeller to another at reel end. The TANDEM mode increases the productivity of the labeller.
Due to the dual-core, fast microprocessors and the high resolution encoder, it combines a high speed application capability with a very high precision, at variable speeds.

Focus on the high quality
The Collamat labellers are known for their quality. During the development of Collamat S 300, the focus has been on the speed, quality and precision.
The wear is reduced to a minimum without down time for maintenance. The stepper motor drive and the motorized re-winder need little maintenance. All bodies are made of die casted Aluminium for maximal stability and to avoid electromagnetic disturbances.
The self-calibrating optical label scanner compensates automatically the environment light or the label web transparency during production.

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