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Knauf USG Systems - Cement board panel production plant (Aquapanel)

Delivered Aquapanel production plant


Once more we delivered another succesful project to Knauf USG Systems. The previous time was in Knauf USG plant in Volos, Greece. This time we delivered in full operation to Knauf USG Systems factory in Neuberg, Germany in March 2013, a complete plant for cement board (Aquapanel) production.
It includes receipt of Raw materials from silo trucks, receiving pits and BIG-BAG unloaders, storage silos (equipped with all suitable safety and discharging equipment), conveying, weighing and dosing, mixing and homogenization and automatic feeding of the production line.
The design and manufacturing took into consideration and meet the specific requirements for:
Management of very abrasive materials like waste and expanded perlite.
Intake pit for abrasive materials and pneumatic lines with antiwear bends for filling the silos.
Install dedusting filters in all equipment creating a dust proof environment.
Use special extracting systems from silos to avoid material segregation especially for expanded perlite that affects the quality of the final product.
Use special conveying systems to avoid decomposition of the mixtures.
Flexible process control for various configurations of production (production management, recipes, reports, monitoring and control).
Traceability covers all production stages, data recording, production reports and stock control, interfacing with existing ERP systems.


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