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ICR-IOANNOU SA Light Aluminum Cylinders


Our company participated in ERA Packaging and Decorative Conference that took place in Novara ,Italy last November .After the presentation of our innovative cylinder concept ‘Light Aluminum Cylinders ‘ we have been awarded with an Innovation Prize.
As aluminium is significantly lighter than steel – the traditional material for gravure cylinders – the weight of the standard cylinder for packaging gravure with a web width of 1,20 m is reduced to below 20 kg, allowing shipment to the customers by conventional parcel services.

Light Aluminum Cylinders

Product Benefits VS Steel
1. Lower weight (35% of steel weight)
2. Less transport cost
3. Quicker set up
4. Lower logistics cost
6. Less Printing Press wear, less spare parts (bearings, brakes,       etc.)
7. Possibility to operate cylinders with higher diameters
8. No corrosion of cylinders during the whole operational life


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