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OYSTAR Hamba triumphs in Poland

OYSTAR Hamba Flexline

Poland's third-largest supplier of yoghurt products, Bakoma Sp.z o.o., has just purchased its sixth machine from OYSTAR: a Flexline FL 8/8 CA for preformed cups made by OYSTAR Hamba.

Saarbrücken, 9 January 2014. With the sale of its Flexline FL 8/8 CA cup filling machine, the OYSTAR Group continues to cultivate its excellent business relations to Bakoma. Apart from three BK series cup filling and sealing machines from OYSTAR Hamba, the dairy has already put two form, filling and sealing machines from OYSTAR Hassia into operation at its manufacturing plant outside Warsaw, and each of these machines is equipped with an attached final packaging system from OYSTAR A+F.

The fully servo-controlled Flexline FL 8/8 CA in aseptic design fills and seals preformed cups with Bakoma's milk products. All movements are servo-controlled so that changes in the filling curves or filling quantities can be easily controlled via the control panel and then saved as dispensing formulas. The filling quantities are between 90g and 400g. The Flexline FL 8/8 CA achieves a production rate of up to 38,400 cups per hour.

One Hundred Percent Sterile Production

The cups are first cleaned by means of ionized air and suctioning to remove any particles that might be present, after which they are sterilized with peroxide and then dried with sterile air. The machine has three different dosing devices for the greatest amount of flexibility with regard to the products being filled. All of the dosing equipment is designed for CIP/SIP treatment

Pre-punched cover plates also sterilized with peroxide are used to seal the cups. For uninterrupted production, the foil lid stations are equipped with automated changeover devices. The adjustable sealing heads are designed to reliably seal 16 cups per cycle. A ring-shaped cylinder heater warms the sealing heads, which are controled and monitored using special software. The tightness of the foil seal is examined before the cups are removed by an integrated packer that sets them in four stacks at a time.

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