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Rockwell Solutions Ltd announces the launch of Rockpeel-R

Rockwell Solutions is proud to announce the launch of Rockpeel-R lidding film for hot fill and Retort. Rockpeel-R has been developed for both lidding and die cut applications giving a smooth, strong peel to all substrates without losing the integrity of the seal or the appearance of the pack.

When a product is hot filled into a pot or tray, the film seal to the tray can burst with the build up of pressure arising from the hot product being packed. It adds another level of complication in maintaining the required performance characteristics of a sealed pack not bursting at time of sealing. Rockpeel-R is a technically superior film which has the hot tack to overcome the pressure to burst the seal.

Rockpeel-R is available with anti-fog for every application and tray type. We also offer print, and, barrier and both laser and hot needle perforation for enhancing shelf life.

Ideal for hot filling foods or beverages without compromising on seal strength or performanceStrong, superior seals to all substratesSeals at a wide range of temperatures and dwell times giving Production flexibilityAvailable with barrier and in-house anti-fog overlaquer – the clearest Anti-Fog on the marketSuitable for printing and laminatingAvailable in 40, 50 and 100 micron laminates and die cut lidding


Family-owned and run, Rockwell Solutions is Europe’s largest manufacturer of ready meal and produce lidding and with over 35 years experience in serving our customers. We are a leading provider of single ply heat seal coated peelable lidding films for any application or tray type and also offer an extensive range of laminates for thermoforming or horizontal or vertical flow wrap. We provide the complete service from product consultation, recommendation, and research and development right through to manufacturing. We deliver revolutionary flexible packaging. Our antifog is one of the best in the market.

Fully accredited with BRC certification Rockwell Solutions raises the bar in flexible packaging for food and non-food applications.

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