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PACCOR, member of the Coveris Group, launched a new technology called TIML (Thermoforming in-mold labeling) in 2013 which was awarded as a breakthrough innovation at the Packaging Oscar event in Paris, France on 26th November 2013.

This year 68 packaging products were submitted by manufacturers and brands of which 19 were rewarded in the fields of Research, Innovation, Efficiency and Inventiveness. The panel consisted of industry professionals and reporters who voted the entries via a secret ballot.

In the plastic packaging category PACCOR was nominated with 17 other companies and finally selected as the winner of this highly coveted title. The revolutionary TIML technology was recognized by the judges for its ability to meet the industry’s increasing demand for more sophisticated packaging decoration in combination with boosting output and efficiency.

Contact: Alfred.Diez@coveris.com

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