An Phat Plastic and Green Environment JSC

ANPHAT PLASTIC officially publicize on stock market

Yesterday, 15 July, Plastic and Green Environment JSC of An Phat officially posted on HNX with the stock code AAA. Seen as a highly potential stock, this event of An Phat has received investors’ special concern and from financial organizations and media groups.

Attending the Launching Bill Post ceremony of the company were Mr Le Thiet Thao, Honour Ambassador of Mozambique in Vietnam, Mr Tran Van Dung, Board Vice Chairman, General Director ofHNX, Mrs Tran Thi Thuy, Director of SSI in Hanoi, Mr Nguyen Quang Dinh, General Director of GP Bank, Mr Pham Truong, Deputy Director of Stock Company Habubanks, Mr Nguyen Thanh Hai, Chairman of Hai Duong Society of Young Enterprises and many foreign investors and partners of An Phat.

The stock post in the context of a changing market places challenges on the Board. However, the company’s strong points and firm basis, partners’ and strategic investors’ advantages make investors expect that AAA stock will be a attracting goods on the Stock market.

The company is performing well on managing expenditure, especially on materials directly composing the product. Thus, its gross profit during the difficult period of the economy (2008-2009) stayed still, about 21% and continue to develop in the first quarter of 2010 at 25.59%.

Exactly as some financial experts’ prediction, right at the first turn of exchange, AAA has proved its attraction. Yesterday, the ceiling price of AAA stock drove up to 53,000 VND /stock. At the end of the offering exchange, AAA gained 49.900 VND/stock.

Those figures have shown AAA stock of An Phat will surely become an attractive goods to investors based on the company’s developing potential and the persistence of the profession that An Phat is pursuing.

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