A new drop dispenser nozzle for human and animal healthcare hits the market!

Drop dispenser nozzle

STIPLASTICS now offers a complete solution (CRC cap + dispenser nozzle + container) for dosing liquids in drop form for human and animal healthcare. Building on our dosing experience, we have developed a complete device that is fully sealed during transportation and use which makes it possible to dose viscous and oily products such as serum excipients, eye lotion, etc.

A special dispenser nozzle, designed to administer the exact dose required:
- It is flexible and makes it possible to administer drops 1 by 1 by exerting pressure on the intermediate reservoir (and not directly on the bottle)
- Provides perfect flow control thanks to this intermediate reservoir
- Accuracy: its unique shape is perfect for localised medication delivery in the ear or the corner of the eye. Moreover, its tip stops when it reaches a certain point in the human ear, thereby avoiding the risk "of going too far"
- Thin nozzle tip to fill reservoirs of other devices such as ecigarette
- The nozzle is integral to the bottle: for a perfect seal with the bottle during transportation and use

High-quality PET bottle:
- High resistance/chemical inertia to juice, flavours and fragrances
- Extremely rigid, it makes the bottle very stable
- Available in 10 ml format

CRC cap:
- Complies with the ISO 8317 standard
- Push and turn system

A widening of the range, particularly with bottles complying with European Pharmacopoeia standards and higher capacities, is expected in the coming months.

This is a solution which is comprehensive, secure, ready to be filled, innovative and easily automated, that undoubtedly offers increased productivity as well as guaranteed recycling within plastics industries.

Can also be fill with ecigarette aromas (40 avalaible).

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