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The Faubel-Synthetic Label supports numerous applications.

Products are often exposed to extreme conditions during storage. To ensure that the label remains undamaged and that all necessary information can still be read by the consumer, the Melsungen-based specialist printing firm Faubel recommends using a Faubel Compact® Label, made from synthetic paper.

By combining a multi-page package insert with an adhesive label, this booklet allows for multilingual product labeling with a clearly laid out structure and easy-to-read font size.

Water and moisture

Temperature fluctuations, such as those that can occur in the food and beverage industries, often cause condensation to form. Labels for the agricultural or sanitary industries can also be directly exposed to water or moisture. The Synthetic Label is waterproof and tear-resistant.

Grease and chemicals

If a container is used to store chemical substances or grease, using a Synthetic Label can help to ensure that the label remains in perfect condition over the long term.

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