HDG Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH

Announcing a new high capacity machine for the packaging of tablets and capsules


HDG Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH has developed a machine concept for Vitamex Manufacturing AB, a well-known Swedish manufacturer of wellness products, setting new performance standards for the packaging of tablets and capsules into side sealed pouches.

The packaging machine type RBXG-4 used for this project handles 4 tablets and capsules, each of different size and form, and reaches an output of up to 240 pouches per minute. This corresponds to a capacity which is currently unique for packaging machines handling this kind of application.

For the operation of this machine only one operator is needed who fills the tablets and capsules into the reservoir. From this point on, the packaging process is fully automated and continued up until the packaged outer case. Furthermore, in order to guarantee the requested product quality, the specifically designed packaging machine allows production under pharmaceutical conditions, i.e. under cleanroom as well as the specific qualification regulations of the customer.

To enable the application of very thin film material, the film transport system of the RBXG-4 machine has been optimized so that the pouches are supported by a special vacuum technique during transport through the cutting stations. The packaging machine is equipped with the proven HDG quick-change features at the turret. This means that not only the change-over time of different formats can be reduced to a minimum but also the cleaning during product changes can be optimised.

The dosing technology for the tablets and capsules was delivered by Pharma Packaging Systems Ltd. This British manufacturer was, contrary to some of it’s competitors, in the which was common in the market up to that point of time – had failed due to the high capacity and product variety.

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