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Aseptic beer-in-box filler – a shortcut to savings

Alfa Laval Beer-in-box filler

The new Alfa Laval Beer-in-box Filler for de-carbonized and de-alcoholized beer is an excellent, clean and user-friendly alternative to returnable stainless steel kegs. The filler can handle 25 liter bag-in-box for capacities of up to 240 bags/hour. 3 different sizes for ultraclean or aseptic filling are available for capacities of 1,000, 4,000 and 6,000 l/hour.

The beer-in-box filler can be supplied with one or two filling heads and works with a range of different caps. It is sanitized using cleaning-in-place.

The filler’s compact, space-saving design includes fail-safe device for no-bag/no-fill performance. Simplified microprocessor-based controls ensure minimum maintenance and less downtime.

Alfa Laval’s new beer-in-box filler is developed together with Carbotek.

The entire concept is a convenient and reliable solution, and a practical shortcut to savings in packaging costs as well as in the logistics chain.

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