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Fog rising from a pine forest.

Bio-based adhesives may for example be produced from pine resin. (Image: Michele Purin/unsplash)

Glue goes green


Quite often, consumers only take notice of it when it doesn’t work: glue. But as invisible as this little helper of packaging might be, so important is paying attention to its carbon balance, too. Improvements can be made, for example by using bio-based adhesives.
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Baked goods and biscuits with a Christmas branch.

Foto Dr. Oetker

The Great Baking Trend


Home-made just tastes best! Your Grandma’s cakes aren’t the only ones that are best when they’re handmade. By the time the corona crisis happened, Grandma wasn’t the only one that was baking up a storm - in most kitchens, baking has now become a trend.
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Green packaging with bio-based recyclable print

Photo: Metsä Board

Sustainability in to-go packaging


Our world is to become more eco-friendly, and manufacturers across all industries and segments are doing everything they can to give their products and processes a more sustainable design. This has resulted in a range of solutions, one of which is sustainable to-go packaging for baked goods.
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Man with cap and croissants on a baking tray

Foto: Bühler

More automation in baked goods packaging


Automation continues to make great strides in baked goods packaging. Manufacturers of baked goods are making more and more investments in automated robotics in the production and packaging processes and are thus increasing their reliability along with their quality, speed, efficiency and flexibility.
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Graphic: Messe Düsseldorf

© Messe Düsseldorf

Number of the Month Confectionery and Baked Goods 2020


Regardless of whether we prefer sweet or salty – the global confectionery and baked goods industry is delighted to see an increase in sales. Customers are looking for a varied range of products and packaging as well as practical packaging solutions for out-of-home consumption that are sustainable at the same time. Responsive and flexible modern technologies and equipment are in high demand.
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Packaging of Kellogg’s Tresor

© Kellogg’s

Putting damaged packs to good use


As one of the largest companies for cereals in the world, the American Kellogg Company (Kellogg’s) has been committed to charitable and environmental projects for many years now. Damaged packs of cornflakes have been donated to charitable organisations and cereal waste has been used for making beer since 2019.
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Kellogg's eco muesli with no added sugar in packaging with a natural design.

© Kellogg’s

New packaging design for sugar-reduced baked goods


When it comes to baked goods and sweets, consumers around the world are on the lookout for healthy ingredients and the lowest possible sugar content. This desire for natural products is increasingly reflected in the packaging design.
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Unmade loaves of bread in bakery factory

Photo: Automatic bakery production line with bread in bakery factory © Studio Romantic

Long-life Packaged Bread Increasingly Popular in Asia


Due to the high moisture content of bread and baked goods, suitable packaging needs to meet special requirements to counter the growth of mould whilst at the same time preventing the goods from becoming hard and dry or losing their aromas.
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Cardboard packaging


Baked goods are increasingly being packaged in stand up pouches


Within the past years, manufacturers of grain products such as bread and muesli have switched from conventional bag-in-box options to flexible pouches, also known as stand up pouches or stand up bags. In addition, the number of bio-based and biodegradable materials such as paper, cardboard and bioplastics used for packaging has steadily increased in the baked goods industry.
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Colourful and individual: mymuesli packaging for a total of 566 quadrillion different types of muesli.

Foto: mymuesli

Packed in tubes: success with the mymuesli packaging


„Form follows function“ or is it „function follows form“? Some say the one thing, others say the other. However, one thing is indisputable: A product’s packaging is crucial for its success.
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