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No. 1 on the sweet biscuits market: at Bahlsen over 2,500 staff produce some 142,000 tons of cookies every year. © Bahlsen GmbH & Co. KG

A golden cookie for the cookie monster


Once again Bahlsen can rejoice at an anniversary. We already covered the 80th anniversary of salt sticks last year. About twelve months later it is the turn of Leibniz cookies. In honour of these “toothed” sweet biscuits there will be a special edition launched and, needless to say, the commonly known traditional packaging.
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Year in, year out…


Germany’s supermarkets are full of gingerbread, ginger biscuits and other goodies these days. This can be extremely tempting, of course. Yet it’s by no means the pre-Christmas period yet. While offering “autumn confectionery”, the German packaging industry is consciously avoiding Christmas themes such as angels and Christmas trees until 29 November – the first Sunday in Advent.
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In order to ensure that the bread develops a soft texture, yeast and sourdough are used when baking.

Water, whole grain, sourdough and time.


Nothing is fresher than the baking industry 6,000 years after having been invented. No company knows this better than Lieken.
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Special Edition Packaging Launched to Mark Salt Stick Anniversary


Salt sticks are turning 80! Reason enough for the Saltletts manufacturer to offer this snack in a celebratory pack. Efficient production is ensured by special machinery.
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Design and technology for bakery products packaging


Year after year, Germans top the list of annual per-capita consumption of baked goods in the EU: On average, about 85 kg of bakery products are consumed in Germany, including almost 817,000 packages of sliced bread and well over 300,000 units of frozen bakery products. This in turn means that producers have to ensure that both the foodstuff itself and the packaging are of premium quality.
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Fresh Rolls and Sunday Cake from your Own Oven


All over Germany consumers are buying more frozen food: last year average per-capita consumption increased by over half a kilogramme against 2013. Accounting for over 80% of total turnover, pastry ranks first in the list of frozen food favourites.
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Well packaged: tasty bread


Despite the popularity of over 10,000 bakeries in Germany, the majority of German citizens prefer to buy their bread as packaged products at supermarkets. Modern machinery is available to increase the efficiency of production and the length of the shelf life.
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Demand for Confectionary and Pastry Products is Forecast to Rise


Experts foresee a 5%+ growth for the global confectionary and pastry market by 2019. A sizeable part of this forecast success is attributed to packaging.
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