Many different beer bottles on shelves

The beer offer is huge – as are the striking differences between beer bottles. Photo: Christin Hume, unsplash

Customised beer bottles

Embossed Krombacher beer bottle

The embossed Krombacher bottle is offered to bars and clubs exclusively.

Krombacher beer bottle

In 2016 Krombacher developped its own recyclable individual bottle.

What types of bottles are available?

Green Veltins beer bottle without a label with embossed lettering

The revamped classic Veltins Steinie bottle - it no longer has a label but instead has the eye-catching signature Veltins lettering from 2019 embossed on it.

Different sizes in beer bottles

The most common beer bottles in the USA

Bottle of Devils Peak Pale Ale with green label

Craft beer providers in particular choose striking bottle designs in product placement. Photo: Clinton Naik, unsplash

Criticism of the wide range of beer bottles