BestCode Unveils C80 Series Continuous Ink Jet Printers

BestCode Unveils C80 Series Continuous Ink Jet Printers, Next Generation Marking and Coding.

BestCode launches the C80 Series range of Continuous Ink Jet Printers with Stunning User Interface & Great New Features. The most significant Marking and Coding Product Launch since original coding technology was introduced.

C80 Series products are a complete new design, featuring many Great New Features, including EZTouch™ Interface, CleanStart™ Jet, SmartFill™ Fluids, CodeFaster™, Printing, TruPoint™ Print Quality, CodeConnect™ Communications, Long Life SmartFilter™ and much more.

C80 Systems are designed to Minimize User Interaction, limiting the hands-on time for typical coding system operation. C80 Systems are the most efficient CIJ printers available, lowering overall coding costs.

“With what we’ve been able to achieve, we see BestCode’s platform as an exciting new beginning for Marking and Coding Products,” said Richard Fox, BestCode’s President.

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