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Bohle BRC 25 - Small dry granulator expands the range

Bohle Dry Granulator BRC 100

Small dry granulator expands the range

Ennigerloh/Düsseldorf, May 2014 – With the dry granulator Bohle BRC 25, the smaller version of the BRC 100, which was presented at the “ACHEMA 2012“ in Frankfurt for the first time, celebrates its premiere at the 2014 Interpack. “We now round off our comprehensive offer of granulation solutions”, explained Lorenz Bohle. Easy handling, continuous production and a small footprint are the typical features with which Bohle now covers the comprehensive portfolio of wet and dry granulation.

The principle of the BRC: In the roller compactor, powders are processed into free-flowing granules. The objective in the pharmaceutical industry is to achieve a granule with defined density or porosity for subsequent tableting. The powder is fed in via a dosing unit, compacted between two rollers with gaps ranging from 1 to 6 mm and discharged as flakes.

The forces on the rollers, as well as the gap width are monitored with sensors.

All data are integrated into a control circuit to continuously ensure optimum process parameters.

The chopper unit below the compact rollers processes flakes into granules. The unit is equipped with a conical sieve with exchangeable sieve units for achieving different particle sizes.

Well equipped for customers’ requirements:

Easy control, easy cleaning and fewer edges, screws and angles - these are the essential features of the BRC 100.

Especially the control of the pressing force via standard hydraulic systems constitutes a great problem, when the process is to comply with “hygienic design”. The electro-mechanical batch can solve this problem.
With the Bohle BRC 25, frequent axis adjustment as with traditional roller compactors is a thing of the past. The axes are mechanically stable so that elastic deformation is prevented. This eliminates the need for complete axes control. Moreover, the BRC 25 is low maintenance. Even when cleaning is required, only four screws must be removed. Bohle engineers also reduced the footprint. Further advantages of the BRC series are the identical roller geometry and control in both machines allowing for easy scale-up.

Lorenz Bohle: “We are now able to offer our customers machines and processes for all stages of the granulation process with our new BRC 25 – continuously with the proven Bohle quality”.


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