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Bottle manufacturing made simple with Roll N Blow thermoforming technology

With the Roll N Blow thermoforming machine, dairy companies can efficiently manufacture their own bottles with a material they know well and equipment easy to install and operate. Designed for chilled dairy products and packed in PS bottles ranging from 100ml up to 500ml, Serac’s Roll N Blow is also able to produce bottles from PP reels thus offering more possibilities such as aseptic filling, hot filling, retort and microwavable packaging. This machine will be on display at Interpack 2014 trade show. Hall 13 / C63.

A ground-breaking technology to make bottles
The Roll N Blow machine uses an innovative tubular thermoforming technology to produce bottles from plastic reels. The machine was originally designed to process polystyrene, a material widely used in dairies for the production of yoghurts in thermoformed cup (Form-Fill-Seal technology). Polystyrene reels can thus be used for producing either cups or bottles, allowing manufacturers to take advantage of a single supply source.

Inspired by the conventional flat thermoforming technology, the Roll N Blow solution has been specifically adapted to produce bottles that appear no different to blow moulded ones. Innovation lies in a vertical thermoforming process that first forms the plastic sheet into a tube before heating and blowing the bottle into a mould. As a result, bottle designs are not limited to large necks and small heights and can be shaped totally round. Bottles also show a better resistance to vertical compression than with flat thermoforming. A secondary benefit of the vertical thermoforming process is the reduced footprint of the packaging production unit.

Cost effective, from investment to day-to-day operations
Designed as a stream-lined solution for on-site bottle manufacturing, the Roll N Blow machine requires less equipment than a conventional moulding unit. Storage tanks and unscramblers can be avoided, as the bottle goes straight from the Roll N Blow to the filler. Even sleeve applicators are no longer necessary since the Roll N Blow can process pre-printed plastic sheets.
Producing bottles from material in reels also saves a lot all along the supply process, from manufacturing to transport and storage. Finally, the Roll N Blow technology consumes far less energy than other blowing systems, as bottles are blown at low pressure (less than 6 bars) and at low temperature (under 150°C).

A secured solution for migration from pouches or cartons to single serve bottles
The Roll N Blow process requires no melting of the plastic. Therefore, very little expertise in plastic processing is required and the unit can be easily started and shut down to suit filling requirements. The use of plastic sheets ensures a uniform distribution of the material without having to monitor advanced parameters in the heating and blowing process.
Very similar to the manufacturing of pouches from plastic foils or carton packages from carton reels, the Roll N Blow machine is very simple to operate even without experience of bottle manufacturing. It is therefore a secure option for dairy companies willing to diversify their product range and upgrade their offer with small bottle packaging. The technology has already been adopted by companies in Russia and Morocco for the packaging of drinking yoghurt.

Roll N Blow complements Serac’s offer for on-site bottle manufacturing
By acquiring 100% of its former partner Agami (the inventor company of Roll N Blow), Serac Group expands its range of on-site bottle manufacturing solutions from PET (with Combox) to PS and PP (with Roll N Blow). The processing of polypropylene reels on Serac’s Roll N Blow, which is already operational, opens new possibilities in terms of aseptic and hot filled, retort and microwavable packaging.

Serac at Interpack 2014

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