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Innovation and flexibility are common factors between Caffita and Cama, two Italian companies that have rapidly built their success by achieving ongoing international growth.

Following a few years focused on R&D, Caffita System's first production site for manufacturing and marketing coffee capsules was opened near Bologna in 2004. Another facility opened near Milan a few years later with corporate business soaring high, underpinned by a cutting-edge product. Various research and development steps led to the creation of a combined semi-open system covered by international patents and comprising both machines and capsules that merge innovative technology, flexible use and attractive design. Caffita capsules and technology offer market leaders in the coffee industry flexible packaging for “their own type of capsule” so as to meet their market requirements, as well as the taste of local consumers with a tailor-made solution. Andrea Clementini, CEO at Caffita System, clearly explained the company’s key competitive factor: “We prepare coffee that is appreciated worldwide because we adapt our capsules to suit the taste of each country.”

In fact, the particular Caffitaly System capsule structure is designed for packaging any type of coffee, ranging from the excellent Italian espresso to long black coffee and caffè crema, satisfying even the most sophisticated taste buds. The product range also includes delicious drinks, such as Lemon Tea, Leaf Tea, Camomile, Barley, Herbal Tea, Milk Drink and Cocoa.

True to the highest quality standards for manufacturing and packaging, Caffita System has chosen reliable partners to offer both clients and consumers a superior product from every standpoint. “We are particularly keen on guaranteeing top quality standards for processing and packaging our capsules,” said Giovanni Accursi, Maintenance & Technologies Director. "When the time came to select a partner for secondary packaging, we chose the Cama Group, a leader in the field of packaging systems, with extensive experience in the specific niche of coffee capsules.”

For over 30 years Cama has specialized in supplying automated production complete with a new generation of innovative products with advanced electronics and technology features. Cama’s machinery utilizes proven robotic and machinery technologies customized to offer wide-ranging packaging solutions designed to meet specific packaging requirements. The company steadily focuses on developing flexible systems with high production speed in a limited space, based on the principle of "lean production," with a unique range of packaging machines and robotized systems. In addition to the extensive choice of systems/solutions, the principal added value offered by Cama is undoubtedly its role as “global consultant”, offering customers a wide range of technical solutions by combining the competences of the packaging machines and robotics sector with precise targeted advice on the choice of cardboard/paperboard to be used, type of packaging and definition of payback investment plans.

The ultimate nine production lines installed by Cama in Caffita facilities are based on this supply concept. The systems have been designed according to an innovative technical solution featuring a compact layout to comply with customers’ space requirements, along with flexible product configuration for the various formats required. These “monoblock” solutions provide extremely compact, high-speed, customized packaging. Inside a single frame machine, flat blanks are formed, coffee capsules are placed in the carton and finally the various configurations of cartons/pack patterns are closed in the final station.

These highly flexible lines can package up to 500 capsules per minute and allows capsule loading in special configurations for optimal package size and subsequent insertion into cartons containing 8 to 96 pieces.

Giovanni Accursi closed by saying: “Cama has always assisted us, especially during the most complex phases of system calibration, thus proving to be a reliable partner.”

The technical solutions provided by Cama to the customer and Caffita's trust in its supplier have led to a lasting partnership, underpinning the successful growth of both companies. This unquestionably excellent matching of innovative spirit and Italian flexibility has also gained international acknowledgement.

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