Carle & Montanari OPM S.p.A.

CMOPM and CMFIMA official press release

Flowrapper JT EVO for slug

Carle&Montanari-OPM will exhibit at Interpack 2014 for the first time together as one company, introducing its most important innovations for all its range of products, from cocoa and chocolate processing, to moulding, to primary and secondary packaging.

CMFIMA, the wrapping machines manufacturing company of the CMH group, will be exhibiting together with Carle&Montanari-OPM.

In its Booth A04 in Hall 17 the exhibits are organized in specific areas for each family of products.

In the cocoa processing and chocolate preparation area you will find a striking interactive video-wall where you can see “real size” the automatic two rolls pre-refiner HCP 209, the vertical temperer BETA X, with its advanced Smart-Temp System, and the ALPHA 6, stainless steel version of the new horizontal conche with single shaft.

But the star of the chocolate preparation area will be the automatic five rolls refiner HFI 518 with the fineness control “MicronSense” and the new Energy Saving system which, thanks to an advanced application of inverters to drive the two main motors of the machine, re-use the brake-energy generated by the first roller motor during normal operations.

In the moulding Area, you will see a section of a NANOFLEX 275, the new intermittent moulding line, which continues the tradition of the well-known Carle&Montanari’s CAVEMIL 275.

Developed with extreme attention to the hygienic design, the NANOFLEX completes the range of CMOPM intermittent and continuous moulding lines, adding the 275 mould size to the existing range 650, 850, 1000 and 1200.

In addition, you can assist to a demo of the new depositor AERO CORE, based on the AILP technology (Patent Pending). The CORE is a completely removable and modular depositor, electronically driven, whose dosing groups are assembled on sliding guides for easy removal for cleaning and replacement. This special version is suitable especially for dosing aerated pressurized masses. In fact, the design uses the Always In-Line Pistons concept to eliminate pressure drops caused by changes of direction of material flow.

In the wrapping area, CMFIMA will exhibit a VPack2RF, the last born among the well-known machines of the V-Pack series, conceived to wrap bars in envelope style at high speed (up to 450ppm) in long side leading mode of feeding. However, thanks to its flexibility, it can wrap pralines even in wallet, bunch and double-twist style with short change-over time.

The second machine by CMFIMA is a SM-STICKER, a special version of the successful Sweet Magic wrapper, a machine tailored to wrap chocolate pralines in bunch style with aluminum foil with an additional sticker applied on the bottom. The sticker shape strongly characterizes the product on the market, making it unique and attractive: for this reason the Sweet Magic Sticker runs a wide range of different sticker shapes, such as ladybirds, bees, butterflies....

In the primary packaging area, we are presenting the horizontal flowrapper JT EVO, which, thanks to a special servo driven high speed rotary cross-transfer, is able to perfectly wrap slugs and package on-edge products. This system is particularly effective in handling and wrap fragile baked products, like biscuits, at a high speed.

In the secondary packaging area you can experience three new machines.

The first is the TLP300, a trifunctional cell from the new TLP series, presented here in one of its multiple configuration.

Thanks to the high modularity, customers can choose among different kinds of mono- bi- or tri- functional cells, selecting robot equipment, forming and closing options, therefore customizing the machines according to their needs. Its state-of-the-art technology allows to work even with difficult packaging patterns and layouts in a much reduced amount of space.

Last but not least, the new WA100, a modular wrap-around machine, compact and easily accessible from all sides, that is able to guarantee high performances at high speeds. Its ergonomic blank dispenser allows an easy loading and quick changeovers.

At Interpack you’ll see the WA connected with a 4-axis palletizing robot, equipped with a special pick up tool, which load the boxes from underneath and therefore is suitable to manage heavy products with variable sizes at high speeds.

This robotic solution, produced by OASI.S for CMOPM, represents the best and most compact solution for palletizing RSC and wrapped-around cases.

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