The Langnese Delight’s green ice cream packaging

A summer without ice cream is simply unthinkable. Both the types of ice cream and ice cream packaging are becoming more and more creative. Photo: Langnese/Unilever

Our ice cream packaging for 2020

Coconut Almond ice cream packaging from Coconut Bliss.

Coconut Bliss has recognised the trend towards dairy-free ice cream and plant-based alternatives and manufactures its ice cream from coconut milk. Photo: Coconut Bliss

Three My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream packages in pink, orange and lilac

Grab and go: Enjoy your ice cream quickly and under the best possible hygiene standards: My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream is also now available in individual portions for snacking. Photo: My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

Flutschfinger ice cream packaging from Langnese with a lion

The Langnese classic: the Flutschfinger. Photo: Langnese/Unilever

Ahoi Sherbet Tubs

The new Ahoi ice cream packaging unites the retro design of Ahoi with colourful, striking aesthetic elements. Photo: DMK Eis GmbH

Ben&Jerry’s Netflix&Chilll’d ice cream

Ben&Jerry’s Netflix&Chilll’d ice cream packaging makes us all want a chilled out evening of Netflix with a tub of ice cream. Photo: Melanie Streich

Protami ice cream tub

No added sugar: Protami ice cream contains 80% less sugar than normal milk ice cream. Photo: Protami