TAM TAM PON tampon packaging

Menstruation should be accepted as a normal bodily function; it shouldn’t be a taboo. This is why manufacturers like einhorn are making packaging for their menstrual hygiene products especially eye-catching and colourful. Photo:

A real stunner: Menstrual hygiene products

Sanitary towel packaging with a colourful pant logo

“Look at me!” is the message that aims to eradicate period-shaming. Photo:

Menstruation products in the public eye

Tampons & Co. – simply put, beautifully packaged

Pink tampon boxes from The Female Company

Menstrual hygiene products in sexy packaging: The Female Company wants to break taboos, make periods sexy and ensure that every woman has tampons available to them any time, anywhere.

Sustainable packaging for menstrual products

MYLILY pad packaging with the label ‘YOUR PERIOD: YOUR RULES’

MYLILY implements sustainable packaging for its products and combines kraft paper and bioplastics to create its pad packaging.

MYLILY pad packaging with the label ‘YOUR PERIOD: YOUR RULES’

For young women, MYLILY has developed the MYLILY First Period Kit to make it easier for them to get to know their periods.