A refill cap is inserted into a cosmetic jar.

Refill caps are lightweight refill units for glass jars. Photo: Papacks

Refill and Reuse

Making reusable the standard

Reusable container by Vytal

Vytal’s reusable container without a deposit can be booked using an app. Photo: Vytal

Bag-in-box with a tap

Stand-up pouches and bags-in-boxes for shampoo and co. Photo: Vema

Refillable solutions: thinking outside the box

Brown glass bottle with special lid

A world premiere: organic coffee in reusable bottles with flavour lock lids. Photo: Cofi Loco

Organic coffee in reusable bottles

Silicone wrapper for fast food

The silicone wrapper ReWrap is food-safe, dishwasher-safe and recyclable. (Image: Sarah Klein)

Online retailers also testing reusable solutions

three reusable shipping bags

The Repack reusable shipping bag made of polypropylene can be used at least 20 times. Photo: Repack

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