A blue rubbish bin with a white recycling symbol

The use of recyclates begins with the correct separation of waste. (Image: Sigmund/unsplash)

Recyclates for packaging are in demand like never before

Recyclates are in short supply

A screenshot of the Cirplus website shows product details of a specific recyclate type.

The Cirplus sales platform has set itself the goal of making the purchase and sale of recyclates as uncomplicated as possible. (Image: Cirplus)

Grey is the new green

A grey shampoo bottle is labelled as being made from 100 per cent recycled material.

The use of recycled materials is also increasing in the cosmetics sector. The German drugstore chain dm now uses supposedly unattractive grey recyclate packaging for many of its own brands and communicates this clearly on the label. (Image: dm)

Use of recyclates in cooperation