Comexi Group presents at Interpack its new technologies with high added value for flexible packaging

Comexi Nexus Futura with its new Cingular Holography tech

Comexi Group, the leading specialist in machinery solutions for the flexible packaging converting industry, will be present at Interpack Fair (Düsseldorf, Germany). The company is aware of the new trends that are imposed rapidly in an increasingly demanding market, so it will show its latest developments at the stand 13 D77 to respond to the concerns of converters and thus, consumers.

In sustainable printing, Comexi Group will focus on the Comexi OFFSET CI8 and the Comexi FLEXO F2 WB. In slitting, the PROSLIT Cingular Laser technology will be the star for the following applications: HoleTech, ScribingTech, CuttingTech, HallmarkTech and SelectCutTech. In the lamination process, the Cingular Holography technology will capture the attention as a solution to create holographic effects at register on a wide variety of substrates. In addition, as a global proposal, Comexi Group will show the Comexi ENVIROXI Workflow, an advanced monitoring and control system of flexible packaging production processes.

Comexi Group will participate in the Fair along with the Manel Xifra Boada Technological Centre, a benchmark in the flexible packaging sector as a driving force of knowledge. The technology centre acts as a receiver of the trends and needs of the sector through its work in consultancy and technology monitoring with converters, suppliers and brand owners. Therefore, Comexi Group has a very useful tool to identify business opportunities and develop the best solutions for each and every need.


Comexi PROSLIT Cingular Laser, for those who seek high added value in their final product
The market has evolved to smaller bores, with a higher speed and with a deep respect for the environment. One of the high value-added technologies to the market is the Comexi PROSLIT Cingular Laser, an innovative laser processing system capable of carrying out all current applications in one system with ease, superior quality and versatility. This way, Comexi Group integrates on a single machine all the slitting process.

The Comexi Group laser in line is the answer to industry demands: product life increase, reduction of processes, introduction of new materials, thickness reduction, etc. All these advantages make up the perfect process to optimize a flexible package.

The applications offered by the Comexi PROSLIT Cingular Laser system are:
• Holetech. Microperforation and macroperforation for several applications such as gas exchange in a controlled atmosphere of fruits, vegetables, salads, etc.
Replaces hot needle or pneumatical punch.
• ScribingTech. Continuous or discontinuous pre-cut in a layer without damaging the product’s barrier. Replaces cross cutting or sheeter system.
• HallmarkTech. Numbering, barcode, QR code, security systems.
Replaces reprint flexo, gravure o inkjet.
• CuttingTech. Complete cut of material. Replaces die cutting.
• SelectCutTech. Pre-cut of self-adhesive labels. Replaces die cutting.
To create textures and cavities in the film for fluid retention. Replaces coating o embossing.

Comexi NEXUS Futura, for those converters who want to differentiate themselves
The new Comexi Group technology Cingular Holography allows creating holographic effects at register on a wide variety of substrates providing distinctive packages with a high visual impact and incorporating anti-counterfeiting features.

Cingular Holography technology is environmentally friendly, there are no VOCs emissions and a lamination with a metalized substrate is not required to create holographic effects, thus facilitating the recycling of the package. This technology reduces significantly the cost of final products compared to the currently available technologies for the creation of holographic effects. Also, the Cingular Holography technology allows producing high gloss and matte effects at register over a printed substrate as well as Cold Foil effects.

High quality sustainable printing: offset EB and flexo WB
In printing, Comexi Group takes a step forward in its commitment to sustainability and the highest quality through its offset and flexo technologies with water based inks. The Comexi OFFSET CI8 is a clear example of the innovative and ecological will of Comexi Group. A solution that effectively responds to four questions that summarize the current market demands: high quality, time to market, respect for the environment and cost reduction.

The Comexi CI8 OFFSET adjusts the offset central impression technology to flexible material, reducing costs and time to market, while offering high quality and high speeds. Moreover, this solution includes electron beam curing. In contrast to UV-cured inks, EB-cured inks contain no photoinitiators, which prevents the risk of migration, making the process perfectly suitable for food-grade packaging.

As for flexographic printing, Comexi FLEXO F2 WB is the solution for companies that want to step up to solventless printing with high speeds and without quality loss. To achieve the adaptation to these kind of inks, the COMEXI FLEXO F2 WB has a high flow drying system exclusively dedicated to the drying of white as a first colour background with dehumidified air. The drying capacity between colours also has been increased by a 50 per cent, and by a 30 per cent in the final tunnel regarding the solvent based inks machine. Apart from that, a stainless steel ink system specially designed to work with water based inks has been incorporated.

Comexi ENVIROXI Workflow, new advanced monitoring and control system of processes
As a global proposal, Comexi Group will show the Comexi ENVIROXI Workflow, an advanced monitoring and control system of flexible packaging production processes. The system treats the different processes globally, allowing an effective control of plant -while monitoring data in real time- and user interaction. This new solution incorporates innovative parameters: direct connectivity with machines, multi-touch interaction designed for simultaneously multiusers, multi-application, advanced graphics and an innovative interface that integrates with perfect equipment.

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