Pavan S.r.l.

Cribis Dun & Brandstreet assigns the highest level of commercial reliability to the Pavan Group

Cribis Dun & Brandstreet, a world leader in the credit information systems and business information sector, assigns a rating of 1 to Pavan for reliability in trade relations.

This prize, awarded to less than 6% of the companies analyzed, is the synthetic indicator of the size and the riskiness of a company. It is awarded on the basis of analysis of payment transactions, cash flows, payment trends and in general the financial soundness of the company.

Even in market comparison Pavan is an exception: the average rating for this sector, based on the analysis of about 1600 companies, is valued at level 3, while in the recent observation period (24 months), the value for Pavan has remained stable at level 1.

This recognition further represents the reliability of the Pavan Group, increasing the confidence of suppliers, customers and stakeholders in establishing or strengthening mutually profitable and lasting relationships.

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