OCME S.r.l.


LGV Solutions

The AURIGA vehicles are not only automatic shuttles but they include software and tools that optimize the processes, with the goal of reducing errors and waste in the operations, reducing costs.

OCME's proposal is composed of modules which can be chosen individually or as a full package that, in addition to the vehicle, include:

• OCME management software that collects information and establishes the mission of the vehicles
• TRAFFIC MANAGER that coordinates the communication between the vehicles and controls the activities
• A supervisor that manages the entire system, collects information and generates the statistics according to the customer's management software (ERP)
• Customized applications

The OCME vehicles are also equipped with a fully integrated security system, AURIGASafeTech, that ensures the maximum control at all stages of the work:

• Safety on board
• 360° scanner
• Ergonomic and safe HMI and Joystick for the manual use of the vehicles
• Pallet Check
• Emergency buttons
• Overturn sensors
• Total safety of the battery change System.

A set of functions, that in 2013 led OCME to win the prized Design 4 Safety Award dedicated to the security design, and that exceed the standards required by the "Manned Industrial Vehicles ANSI / ITSDFANSI / ITSDF".

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