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Efficiency meets security: integrated solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries

Dividella NeoTOP x

Hamburg, March 2014. - Medipak Systems presents Dividella, Mediseal, Rondo, Seidenader and for the first time Werum IT Solutions AG on a joint stand. The focus is on solutions which guarantee the customer high overall equipment efficiency (OEE), the greatest possible pharmaceutical safety and intelligent processes. Thanks to their modular design, concepts from Medipak Systems can be flexibly adapted to future requirements, ensuring a high ROI.

NEW: Dividella NeoTOP x - The new-generation TopLoading cartoner
The new model from Dividella fits in seamlessly with the existing product family, with its expandable and adaptable modules. The packaging line can not only be adapted to different carton formats, but can also react quickly and flexibly to changing market requirements and can package both individual products and multipacks (of up to 100 items). Possible pack sizes extend to 60 to 260 mm in length, 45 to 200 mm in width, and 17 to 120 mm in height. The possibilities of feeding in different items have once again been expanded and offer additional advantages in terms of flexibility.

NEW: Seidenader CS – Cost-effective hi-tech inspection for parenterals
Seidenader is presenting its fully automated inspection machine incorporating the latest inspection technologies, making it an attractive option even for smaller production lines. The CS has been designed for the inspection of liquid or freeze-dried parenteral drugs at a speed of up to 24 000 containers/hr. Installation of up to seven camera stations is possible on the smallest Seidenader machine platform. Ampoules, cartridges and vials up to 100 ml are inspected for particles in the product and cosmetic defects of the container. In addition to optical inspection, leak testing using high voltage (HVLD), HeadSpace Gas Analysis (HSA), near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR) and polarimetric inspection (GSI) can be incorporated. At Interpack, integrated leak testing is being demonstrated with the new HVLD LX module.

NEW: Werum IT solutions - MES for pharma and biotech
Werum is the world's leading supplier of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for the pharmaceutical and biotechnological manufacture of medicines. Integrated solutions for control and monitoring of the entire production process play an important role, especially in the highly regulated pharma industry. Werum's PAS-X product has been developed into a unique Manufacturing IT Business Platform – a platform which covers all business processes from process development through commercial production to packaging. PAS-X focuses on the pharmaceutical industry and in addition to standard functions offers special solutions for vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, solids and other pharmaceutical production processes.

Seidenader T&TSolutions - a modular approach for greater flexibility
Seidenader's new Track&Trace software has a consistently modular structure. Depending on the customer's needs, the solution for the essential tasks (serialisation, aggregation, reworking) is assembled. The high proportion of standard components, automated configuration and modular design significantly reduce development and roll-out times, and therefore line downtime.

Containment solutions from Mediseal – Safe packaging for highly active solids
The legally required safety standards for packaging solid, highly active medicines are constantly becoming more stringent. Personnel, product and environment must be protected from harmful effects. At the same time, however, the efficiency of the installation has to be maintained. Using customer Dr. Kade as a case study, MediSeal presents an individual solution with a choice of options for a customised installation: • Easy cleaning using WIP (Washing in Place), CIP (Cleaning in Place) or manually • Easily accessible dust extraction, fitting of additional filtration systems is possible • Seals on doors and guards as well as minimised opening in the production area (Blower-Door-Test) • Accessibility via glove box possible • Separated fill monitoring and lidding foil processing

Rondo Tamper Evidence - A big impact at low cost
Rondo's patented folding box with Tamper Evidence not only provides protection from manipulation of the packaging but is also extremely economical, because no additional sealing material such as labels or glue is needed. The solution is based on the principle of pre-stamped cut-outs in the lid flap and the underlying dust flaps, which mesh together after activation on the packaging line. The mechanism is activated by metal pins integrated into the line; they are downstream of the sealing unit and do not affect packaging speed. When the box is opened, the forces created by the interlock tear at the breakpoints of the lid cut-outs and rip them out. As a result, initial opening is clearly and irreversibly recognisable.

The highlights at a glance

- New: the latest TopLoading cartoner with an extended format range
- New: Seidenader CS-HVLD – cost-effective hi-tech inspection for parenterals with integrated high-voltage leak testing
- New: Werum IT Solutions – PAS-X, Manufacturing Execution Systems
- Serialisation and aggregation – Seidenader T&TSolutions
- Containment solutions from MediSeal – safe packaging for solids
- Rondo tamper evidence – safety and efficiency

Other exhibits:
- Mediseal: CP400-P1600 blister line for solids
- Mediseal: LA160 – Edge-seal sachet machine for small batches
- MediSeal + Seidenader: SyWalker + CP3 syringe packaging solution
- Seidenader: V90 + - Visual inspection with automatic product handling
- Seidenader technologies: HVLD (High-Voltage Leak Detection), HSA (Headspace Gas Analysis), GSI (Glass Stress Indicator), camera modules for empty glass inspection and laser code verification on glass syringes

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