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Elettric 80 takes stock at Interpack 2014: important installations and new projects.

It’s time for Interpack again, the popular trade fair held every three years, where companies present their latest products and meet up with old and new customers.

Elettric 80 will be showing some interesting new ideas and a portfolio of industry leading installations carried out for some of its major and most demanding customers, as well as some of the ambitious projects it will be undertaking in the near future.

The following are few examples that provide an overview of the complexity and challenges that Elettric 80 is capable of executing.

Barilla unveiled the largest automated warehouse with Laser Guided Vehicles (LGV) in the food industry at Pedrignano (Parma) in October 2013: the system covers an area of 40,000 m2, with 80,000 pallet locations, loading 120 trucks every day. Fifty-four (54) LGVs handle the products, and an intelligent Smart Decision Maker (SDM) system supervises the total intra-logistics. This system has revolutionized Barilla’s warehouse logistics and is the outcome of strategic investments requiring in-depth analysis and close partnership through all stages of the project.

The warehouse handles a quarter of Barilla's overall volume at a global level and almost half of the pasta and pasta sauces made by the firm and sold around the world, from Brazil to Japan.

Moving away from Europe to South America, Lindley (a Coca-Cola bottler) opened its automated warehouse at Trujillo (Peru) in March 2014, considered the most innovative and technologically advanced plant in all of South America.

The system was designed and installed by Elettric 80 and is fully integrated with the production lines, includes 22 LGVs, a SmartStore storage & retrieval system (18,000 pallet locations), 2 LS Silkworm stretch-wrappers, a robot island for automatic layer picking and a voice picking system.

The automated warehouse installed by Elettric 80 is part of Corporación Lindley’s large industrial Coca-Cola bottling plant in Trujillo, which opened in 2012.

In the United States, Niagara Waters chose an Elettric 80 LGV system for the fourth time to automate another of its plant. This a new mineral water bottling plant in Seattle with 1 Reach Double Deep LGV to take consumables to and from the production lines and ten (10) CB25 LGVs to manage the storage & retrieval of the finished product and auto-truck loading, as well as the stacks of empty pallets and bins of pre-forms for the blow moulding line. The final test of the plant is scheduled for the end of May 2014. The entire system is managed by the E80-SDM software suite.

Iris Ceramica, the leading manufacturer of prime quality porcelain stoneware tiles, will soon be joining the world of Elettric 80, as it has asked the company to supply a fully automated plant for the Ariostea production site at Castellarano (near Reggio Emilia, Italy).

Elettric 80’s SDM software suite will handle 24 various LGVs, 11 palletizing robots for the finished product, 5 depalletizing robots, 4 robots for product conditioning and stabilizing (Bema) and labelling.

The LGVs will handle the auxiliary materials, storage and recovery of semi-finished goods in a multi-level warehouse and the subsequent resupply of the depalletizers to feed the sorting lines and palletizing. Anthropomorphic robots will palletize the various sizes of slabs in timber shipping crates. The crates are then stabilized, labelled and sent to the warehouse or for shipping. The plant will be operational by the end of 2014. A similar plant will then be installed in Russia, near Moscow, at a later date.

Elettric 80

Elettric 80 is a world-leading supplier of warehousing and end-of-line logistics solutions to improve the value chain and help companies cut costs.

Founded over 30 years ago in Viano, near Reggio Emilia, Italy, Elettric 80 designs, manufactures, sells and installs the FREEWAY® solution for end-of-line palletizing and warehouse management including automatically loading trucks for shipment, with pallet wrapping, labelling, storage and management of production by its Smart Decision Maker (SDM) software suite. Its systems are flexible, reliable and fast, enabling planning and control of production, storage and shipments with the assurance of full traceability of the products handled.

The brains of the system handling the entire process from production to the loading of the truck for shipment, is the Smart Decision Maker (SDM) software suite designed and developed by Elettric 80, to maximize the productivity, efficiency and availability of the plant.

Elettric 80 also provides its customers access to training, 24 hour telematic service and spare parts.

The company currently employs over 430 people, based at its Viano HQ and its branches in the U.S.A, Sweden, Great Britain, Poland, Australia, Russia, and Brazil. It exports over 85% of its turnover and has installed systems at major multinationals in Europe, America, Africa and Australia, especially customers operating in Food & Beverage and Tissue.

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