European Flexographic Industry Association (EFIA) announces TOP30 European printing companies

The world-known European Flexographic Industry Association (EFIA) announced TOP30 European printing companies. More than 500 large printing companies, including such recognized market leaders as Amcor, Janochka, Saueressig, Interflex Group and others, submitted samples of their products to independent judges for their approval within the frames of the annual competition held in England.

The purpose of the competition is to decide on the leaders of printing products manufacturers and to announce the best one for each of the 30 nominations. The list of judges includes leading experts in flexible packaging production, professors from leading European universities, who assessed the performance quality and innovative technological solutions of the product samples submitted.

The Ukrainian company “Ukrplastic” submitted products manufactured with the help of unique proprietary technologies. Special file screening technologies were submitted for the assessment, which allow improving reproduction of the packaging image, as well as innovations, namely application of information technologies.

The judges unanimously decided to give Ukrplastic company the golden prize — 2013 Gold Print Award as to the best printing company of 2013 in “Wide format print” nomination. When presenting the golden prize the Association’s President David John Galton mentioned the Ukrainian company’s weighty contribution to the development of flexible packaging printing technology.

Since the beginning of 2013, it has been 7th time that Ukrplastic has upheld its top ranking among global packaging leaders and has been acknowledged one of the best European companies.

“It’s nice that the international professional community is of a high opinion of our work, as the basic vector, which is determinative for the development of Ukrplastic, is our aspiration to be several steps ahead of the industry. We go deep into the needs of modern business and seek to manufacture such products, which can be a competitive advantage in the market for our clients,” noted Mrs Irina Mirochnik, President of PC “Ukrplastic”, honoured worker of industry of Ukraine.

The Gold Award by the EFIA is highly appreciated by the industry professionals and is the most respected by the leading market players as it covers special contributions in the development of the printing science and innovative achievements.

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