Photo: Schreiner Group

The sticker by Schreiner PrinTrust is based on this technology and allows contactless payment by Smartphone. Simply glue the sticker onto the back of the mobile phone and it is ready to go. Photo: Schreiner Group

Target Group Millennials: Digital Packaging

What millennials want

Photo: Alpha /

Millennials want to access product information simply, conveniently and quickly. Packaging is the perfect vehicle to do this. Photo: QR Code on a Coffee Cup. Photo: Alpha /

Shopping incentives created by key strategies

Photo: Rondo AG

Swiss firm Rondo AG uses NFC technology for medical packaging: dosage, reminders or warning instructions can be read out, drug administration instructions can be displayed or drugs can automatically be re-ordered from the pharmacist. Photo: Rondo AG

A special focus for this target group – food

Innovative approaches