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Proteins make the fibres of natural spider silk particularly elastic and tear-resistant. Properties that are also well suited for packaging. (Credit: Chase McBride/unsplash)

Weaving a web for the future - Canadian researchers make film from spider silk

Xampla, Professor Tuomas Knowles

Professor Tuomas Knowles, Research Leader at the University of Cambridge
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Xampla tablets

The first film packets for dishwasher tablets are currently being trialled.
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From research to the market

Xampla, Simon Hombersley

Simon Hombersley, CEO Xampla (Bild: Xampla)

Vegan spider silk... without the spider

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The three founders of Xampla (from left to right): CEO Simon Hombersley, Head of Research at the University of Cambridge Professor Tuomas Knowles and Head of Research Dr Marc Rodriguez Garcia (Credit: Xampla)

Xampla, Dr Marc Rodriguez Garcia

Dr. Marc Rodriguez Garcia, Head of Research (Bild: Xampla)

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The new polymer film made of plant proteins mimics the properties of a spider’s thread.
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