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Four times packaging competence: KOCH Pac-Systeme

Premiere in Duesseldorf: an exemplary end-to-end integrated KOCH packagingLine with the here shown blister machine KBS-KF designed for inline production of mono-material blisters with lid film.

“Competent solutions for complex tasks“ – is the slogan of KOCH Pac-Systeme for interpack 2014. Versatile, individual, medical compliant, personal: these four core competencies are included in the offer of the special machine manufacturer for processing reliable packaging into rigid blisters. Versatile stands for the suitability of the packaging machines for different industries, formats and batch sizes. Whether consumer or industrial articles, cosmetics or personal hygiene: KOCH responds to each application profile with its core competence two – the individual packaging solution. Basis of this flexibility is the modular construction of the packaging lines. Starting from the basic model with supplementary components such as film feeding, inspection and marking systems the specialists from Pfalzgrafenweiler design the adequate packaging line. This principle of flexibility applies from the smallest machine of the portfolio – the sliding table machine KST for sealing of small batch sizes – to the biggest – the fully integrated KOCH packagingLine – with the four basic elements blister machine, product feeding, blister grouping module and end-of-line packaging. Each line or machine can be designed with the third core competence – the specific suitability for medical compliant packaging of sensitive products. The brand name KOCH medplus means a plus of appropriate consulting as well as a plus of technical characteristics e.g. GMP-compliant machine design, suitability for clean rooms and provision of validation and qualification documents to our customers. One such example is the new, fully automated sealing machine KS-PO medplus with oval pallet transport which will be presented for the first time in live operation by KOCH in Duesseldorf. The line gains points because of rapid format change, sealing performance of up to 14 cycles per minute and processing of voluminous products such as artificial joints. Perfectly completed is the offer of KOCH for conventional and medplus applications by the fourth core competence: personal and competent support by the KOCH Customer Support & Services department. The KOCH exhibition team looks forward to give a first impression of competent solutions for complex tasks to the industry professionals.

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