HDG Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH

HDG implements ATEX-compliant packaging project

Within the scope of a packaging project implemented in conjunction with the hotel cosmetics manufacturer and contract filler ADA Cosmetic GmbH, HDG Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH has developed a packaging line for side sealed pouches that is intended specifically for the packing of highly inflammable cosmetic products.

The packaging of alcohol containing cosmetic articles, such as creams, shampoos or face masks, places high demands on the packaging systems used. In order to be able to guarantee in an explosive atmosphere a safe and legally compliant packing process and the associated health protection of the employee, a packaging lines is required, that entirely conforms to the European Union's ATEX directives.
HDG met these challenges and in conjunction with the hotel cosmetics manufacturer and contract filler ADA Cosmetic GmbH, based in Kehl, Germany, designed a packaging machine for side sealed pouches that is particularly geared to the specified packaging of various cosmetic articles and counteracts the formation of an explosive atmosphere as well as effective ignition sources. In preparation for this design, a comprehensive safety analysis was carried out in which the precise product processing quantities and the explosion risk resulting from these were defined. Based on the findings obtained, the critical areas were sub-divided into different zones, in order to define the scope of the necessary measures and to adapt components, such as e.g. the sealing area sensor technology, accordingly. Moreover, the packaging machine was equipped with a mobile pump trolley with two different liquid metering systems: for one thing with a heatable funnel for greasy and pasty products, for another thing with an unheated funnel for alcohol-containing products conforming to ATEX guidelines. Altogether, not only a more reliable packaging process can be ensured but also a high level of flexibility in respect of the packaging of different products.

The packaging line

The HDG-RBK horizontal form, fill and seal machine in its duplex version that is already well established in the market was selected for this packaging project and produced in accordance with the requiremeints of the ATEX safety objectives at the company site in Kürten, Germany. The machine was designed in wash-down version for a format size range of 2 x 45 mm x 50 mm to 2 x 92 mm x 210 mm and for processing of up to 140 pouches per minute. In a first step of the packaging process, 3 and 4 side sealed pouches as well as double pouches, i.a. for enclosing as samples in magazines, are produced on the RBK line and filled with different cosmetic products. In line with its quality, the machine is equipped with the proven HDG rotary table with quick-change system. Hence not only the changeover times for various format sizes can be reduced to a minimum, but also the cleaning during product changes can be significantly improved.

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