Hersonber Industrial Co., Ltd.


HERSONBER Has been designing and manufacturing high quality packaging machines and food packaging machinery since 1979, and has become a leading Brand in Asia, and many other parts of the world.

HERSONBER aims to supply, high quality food packaging machines that meet the most exacting International standards, at low cost. Usually at a fraction of the cost of some leading world brands.

HERSONBER specializes in a full range of vertical machines for handling either liquids or powders, and a complete range of Horizontal packaging machines. Both the vertical range of machines, and horizontal range of machines use flexible packaging material taken from the reel.

HERSONBER range of machines for both vertical and horizontal applications, consist of more than 40 different models, ranging from simple mechanical machines to full electronic servo drive machines, our horizontal flowpack range can handle most heat sealing material including polyethylene material, and cold seal material, the range covers high speed candy wrappers from 1000 pieces per minute down to slow speed simple applications. And the range includes Low cost mechanical machines to full electronic servo machines.

We have a complete list of add on options to choose from, so the machines meet your exact requirements. We are always prepared to adapt machines to your special requirements, And a complete range of automatic feeding and handling systems are available, for handling most products from manufacturing to packing automatically, and on to Multipacks for many different products.

With many key personnel been fluent in both Chinese and English languages, we export 85% of our production. To more than 42 countries worldwide, our machines can be found in all industries including, food, bakery, confectionery, chemical, hardware and spare parts, plastics, toys, gifts, paper and stationery, greeting cards, magazines and diagnostics.

We also offer full after Sales Service, with technical support, and spare parts service, for all our range of machines, worldwide, either through our network of local agents, or direct from our Headquarters here in Taiwan.

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