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High precise Finishing for Digital Prints with KAMA AutoRegister

KAMA AutoRegister

Artfully accurate: KAMA's AutoRegister was developed to finish digital prints with high registration accuracy. The KAMA solution aligns every single sheet to a print mark and corrects slight deviations in the print position. This means that cutting outlines, creasing lines, embossing and hot foil effects can be applied with a precision of one tenth of a millimetre – on every sheet.

This pioneering solution has quickly made a name for itself in practice. Customers in Germany and abroad use the system not only for their digital workflow, but also for conventionally prints which are trimmed after printing. This can save considerable costs, as getting more out of one sheet improves material use during printing.

Equipped with the AutoRegister the KAMA DC and ProCut finishing die cutters are the perfect solution for digital print converting and finishing, whether for job printing or for folding boxes. KAMA offers the AutoRegister in standard size format (530 x 400 mm) or half-size format (760 x 600 mm).

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