Messe Düsseldorf Japan Ltd.

Highly Efficient Marking of Surfaces of Oral Doses: Qualicaps UV Laser Imprinting System (LIS 250D) at the Japan Technology Forum

UV Laser Imprinting System (LIS250D) marks the surface of oral dosage forms with a UV Laser. This does not cause thermal denaturation, and also solves ink stain and letter shortage problems created by ink marking. This can carry out visual inspections, marking, and printing inspections of 250,000 tablets per hour. It works at the highly-efficient marking speed of over 500 letters per second. We provide marking of a quality never before seen on the market.

Come and see for yourself what the LIS can do – at the Japan Technology Forum on May 9, 204, from 10:30 – 12:00. The event will offer simultaneous English interpretation, and English printed material will be available before the forum. Participation is free, but we humbly ask you to register at We look forward to seeing you!

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