Hungarian Association of Packaging and Materials Handling (CSAOSZ)

Hungary in the Interpack in 2014

After 20 years Hungary participates again in the Interpack with common booth in 7.1 Hall.

The organisers of the national stand – the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA) and the Hungarian Association of Packaging and Materials Handling (CSAOSZ) – are proud of their exhibitor partners owned by Hungarians.

The Hungarian packaging producers have good results in the WorldStar World Packaging Contest organised by World Packaging Organisation. One of Hungarian exhibitors will get a WorldStar prize during the Interpack in Düsseldorf.

The Hungarian packaging industry is growing continuously year by year and the export is dominant in its turnover.

The Interpack gives an excellent opportunity for a small segment of the Hungarian packaging industry to introduce its technical ability and make new business relationships.

Exhibitors of the Hungarian common booth in alphabetical order:

The Flexo Innovation Cluster was founded by six Hungarian-owned dynamically developing enterprises with the aim to provide full range of paper and plastic based packaging solutions, mainly for its partners who produce and distribute fast moving consumer goods. The Cluster members -specialized in manufacturing of packaging materials – are capable to take advantage of the cooperation in common technology and flexo printing to which solid technical background and continuous innovation are ensured by machine production within the Cluster. Constant changes of market requirements encourage members to renew and expand technology related to flexographic printing. In addition to the headquarters in Budapest, there is production at six separate plants that are located near the western, southern and eastern boarders ensuring fast service in all directions. The turnover of the group exceeded EUR 20 million in 2013. A significant part of that came from sale outside Hungary and the number of employees reached 250 people.
Product description:
Plastic packaging materials with flexo printing:
- pillow-bag, gusset bags
• from one or multilayer (laminated) or coextrudated foil
• bottom or side gusset bags
• side and/or back sealed
• with circular-hole, euro or sponge handle
• with resealable edge
• with slick
• with tearable-edge
• with macro or microperforation
- standing pouch (Doypack)
• with zipper
• with tear notch
• with sealed spout
• with profile-sealed bags
- flat-foils
• one or multilayer (laminated) or coextrudated
• micro or macroperforated
• manual or automatic shrink-foils
- tubes
• mono or coextrudated
- shopping bags
• T-shirt bags, with sponge or twisted handle
- sacks
Paper packaging materials with flexo printing:
- block-bottom and edge folded paper bags
- windowed bags with edge folded bottom
- reels for automatic (mechanical) packaging
- meat wrapping paper sheet
- coffee sugar (5 g) prepacked in two formats
- greaseproof paper bags
- wrapping paper for confectionery sheets and reels
Production of PE films:
- mono films
• collation shrink film, packaging or automatic film
• flat film, tube and half tube film
• with flexo printing on request
- coextrudated films
• basic film for one- or multilayer printed and laminated structures
Machine production:
- flexographic printing presses
- mounter proofers
- laminators
- adhesive dosing units
- slitter rewinders

Krajcár Kft. produces higher added value packaging materials since their establishment in 1990. Our aim at the Interpack is to introduce our brand new stand up pouches to the public.
The main strength of our company is complexity since we can give all inclusive service after receiving design:
- prepress
- printing with 2, eight colours flexo printing machines
- laminating with 2 components adhesives
- pouch making:
- three side sealed pouches
- stand up pouches
- reclosable stand up pouches
- with zipper
- with spouth.

If requested we are at our customers service with films for flexible packaging.

Matrametal Kft. is the producer of aluminium aerosol cans and aluminium tubes with long past. The company is backed by its production practice and development team anticipating the challenges of the age, the application of the most up-to-date raw materials, production and quality control technologies. The existence and continuous maintenance of all the previous conditions allow for us to comprehensively respond to the various needs of the clients. Our products are available in wide range of sizes and technical implementation with printing of maximum 5-9 colours.


The 100% Hungarian owned company, Pikopack Ltd., known as one of the biggest metal packaging producers in Hungary.
Their products appear in the Hungarian and European food, cosmetic, household and automotive markets. Three product lines are manufactured in their factory in Füzesabony by more than 400 employees. They export the tinplate aerosol cans mainly to EU countries, the food cans are filled with corn and green peas by local filler companies and the aluminium tubes are used in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Remenyi Packaging Ltd. is a family-owned Hungarian company, which was founded in 1991. It is one of the most successful packaging distributor company in Hungary.
The turnover is growing continuously due to the developments and the effective export activity.

Remenyi Ltd. has 5 different sites in Hungary in order to cover the market and satisfy more easily the needs of the customers.
Our newest location in Budapest was built in 2012 with the newest technology, where our modern warehouse with offices, showroom and service facility are placed.
Our company is aiming to increase our activity in the packaging field in Hungary and we would like to improve our product sortiment and fulfil the specific requests of the market!
The company is one of the biggest air bubble producers in Hungary.

Remenyi exports air bubble to western countries. This volume is very potential. The export activity represents the 40 percent of the turnover.

Rollbox Ltd. Rollbox® is an internationally patented highly innovative packaging system of dr Plast Co. Ltd. The full range of Rollbox® and drPAck® products are distributed by Rollbox Trade Ltd. and dr Plast Co. Ltd. as well as the producer of this licensed product. The Rollbox® product line provides a hygienic, convenient and economical use for tape-like packaging materials such as polyethylene cling film with excellent elongation and strength, puncture resistance and clinging capability and baking papers, among others.

Rollbox® system is a unique dispenser of aluminium household foils, baking papers, baking sleeves and T-shirt bags. Rollbox® is available in different sizes and constructions allowing to be used in wide range of customers’ demands in the household, catering and food processing businesses.

Our products, in recognition of quality awareness approach and the quality, won six times the Hungarian Quality Product Awards in different categories between 2010-2013 and „The Oscar” award of international packaging industry the Worldstar prize three times.


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