Flexible packaging allows the Company to organize more efficient production and logistics of foods and other goods that would greatly affect their final cost, Irina Miroсhnik, Chairman of the Management Board of PJSC UKRPLASTIC, believes. She has indicated that there are at least four parameters for flexible package that can save half of the costs for manufacturers.

“Manufacturers will only benefit from cost-efficient flexible packaging. A pack made of barrier film has a lower cost compared to a glass or metal container. Production of flexible packaging materials requires four time less energy compared to the production of the same quantity of metal containers. Savings per each kilogram of the finished product, along with the savings for storage space and transportation, can be up to 50% owing to the smaller size and weight of the finished product,” Irina Miroсhnik stated.

According to the expert, the obvious advantage of flexible packaging is its relatively low weight in relation to the contents. A pack of barrier film will weigh about 5 g to 7 g per 200 g of a packed product, i.e. is 3-4% of the content. For comparison, weight of a 200-gram glass bottle or a jar is 40% to 60% of the final product weight, and a metal container – 30%.

Transportation of goods also will allow the company to save costs. Plus a manufacturer pays less for a storage space for pre-storage of packaging itself. The same amount of products can be packed on one pallet of polymer film as on 25 pallets of glass or tin containers. In addition, flexible packaging is much more reliable in transportation. It does not tear or break, and requires least volume. Multi-layer polymers are durable thanks to modern technology. A filled plastic bag can withstand the external pressure of hundreds of kilograms. And the force required to puncture the multi-layer laminate with a sharp object exceeds dozens kilograms per sq. mm. Opening such package requires usage of sharp scissors or special pre-made perforation of packaging,” Irina Miroсhnik emphasized.

The expert also noted the important function performed by flexible packaging – owing to possible vacuumizing and resealing, the product acquires new consumer properties that extend its shelf life.

“Besides, flexible packaging is mainly transparent and consumers can see what they buy,” the expert summarized.

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