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ITENE presents its latest developments in the ‘Innovationparc packaging’ at Interpack 2014

• Packaging, Transport and Logistic Research Center, ITENE, will be a speaker and facilitator also in the Save Food world congress at the German fair.

• New advanced materials, active packaging which extends the shelf-life of the products or labels that warn against the fresh foodstuff deterioration are some of the main innovations to avoid the world waste food to be presented by ITENE.

ITENE will be an exhibitor in the ‘Innovationparc packaging’ at Interpack / Save Food (IPP26) that will take place in Düsseldorf (Germany) from the 8th to the 14th of May showcasing the latest innovations in packaging technologies.

ITENE will present its new developments to improve the qualities of polymeric packages materials, either conventional or biodegradables, by using nano-scale reinforcements as clays or natural fibers at nano-scale.

In the active packaging field, ITENE will present a package for red meat which allows to extend its useful shelf-life up to 14 days, twice longer than a regular one.

ITENE will also present its latest developments in colour freshness indicators for fresh chicken, which informs the consumer about the product deterioration and helps to make a better decision in a more reliable way than the date of expiry which we usually find in the packaging.

Regarding the latest progresses in transport tests and simulation equipment development, ITENE will present the equipment of its Transport Simulation Center, which is made up, mainly, by a vibration table with climatic chamber and Pitch and Roll, Drop and Cushion tester, impact machine and automatic stretch wrapper, which are able to simulate in the lab every distribution environment.

Innovationparc Packaging / Save Food

In order to share its advances in packaging technologies, ITENE will give a practical demonstration entitled “The future package: active, smart and sustainable”. Samples and live tests will be displayed to showcase how these technologies work in a practical way.

This demo-session will take place in the Save Food Congress, the 7th and 8th of May in Düsseldorf. The aim is to approach the packaging key role in food preservation and how packaging can contribute to extend useful lifetime, inform the consumer about the product conditions, as well as optimize the distribution.

Furthermore a longer version of the demonstration will be held on May 10th at the Innovationparck´s conference area at Interpack. The presentation will be focused on the Save Food initiative, where ITENE will be an exhibitor. In this forum two other conferences will be held: one about costs savings and product loss based on the wrapping optimization and transport simulation in the laboratory given by ITENE and Dow Europe’s technicians, and another one about how to save costs and product losses as a result of packaging sustainability, given by ITENE.

ITENE is a member of Save Food, an initiative created by Messe Düsseldorf, in collaboration with FAO and UNEP, in 2011. The project consists of 90 companies and institutions from the supply chain that join their efforts to make a contribution to the fight against global food losses.

ITENE presence in the European Bioplastics conferences

ITENE will be also a speaker in the conferences programme that European Bioplastics organizes in its stand (Hall 9-9F05), where it will make public the nano-reinforcement technology for biodegradable or conventional packaging materials, patented by ITENE, as a response to the demand for higher protection and durability of packaging intended to contain the spoilage of perishable products, as fresh food or cosmetics, throughout the entire distribution cycle.

Collaboration with AIPIA

In addition, ITENE organizes a “dynamic session” jointly with AIPIA, the most important association on active and smart packaging, about active and smart technologies to reduce waste food that will be held on May 9th.

This event will gather the main industry actors and will offer the attendees to participate in a “roadmap session” in order to generate networking in a structured and organized way. The results of this work session will be to identify the challenges and the demand of new solutions from the industry´s approach to ensure the implementation of active and smart packages. The Roadmap will take place in the fair´s Congress Center. Registration is required (free of charge).

For further information about all ITENE activities at Interpack and ITENE-AIPIA´s Roadmap registration (free of charge) please go on



ITENE is a Research and Technology Centre of Packaging, Transport and Logistics, located in Valencia (Spain). ITENE favors company-specific and tailor-made solutions and supports its customers from the planning up to the realization.

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