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Innovative Label Dispenser Design Launches from START International

label dispenser

Addison, TX (May 6, 2014) – START International, a leading tape and label dispensing solution company, announced the launch of their Labelmoto LD6000 Series label dispensers. An updated machine with new, built-in hanging capacity, the LD6000 Series is a great way for a company to increase productivity in the workplace.

This innovative dispenser includes many benefits that machines from other labeling companies lack, such as all-metal construction and a high-torque motor. In addition, it includes a photosensor that ensures materials are dispensed accurately and consistently. Labels can range from .25” to 7” (6 to 178mm) in width and .125” to 6” (3 to 152mm) in length. To aid you in keeping your working environment clean, the LD6000 Series automatically rewinds liner scrap, which also prevents any work-related injuries due to an employee slipping on silicone-type liner and falling.

When you own a START International dispenser, you add value to your end-user’s production line by increasing the quality of application, reducing material costs, and greatly improving productivity. These machines are simple to operate and maintain, and they empower employees to do their jobs as efficiently as possible.

START International has been providing taping and labeling solutions to manufacturers around the world since 1981. As an application-oriented company, we aim to provide our distributors and end-users with solutions to manufacturing problems, as well as ways to improve upon existing processes. We offer a free material evaluation for our full line of tape and label dispensers and non-adhesive material cutters to ensure dispenser success and customer satisfaction.

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