Joint venture for sustainable packaging solutions

German-based ACTEGA DS and the US company Dayton Systems Group bridges the gap between traditional drinking cans and the demands of the "generation on the go". They present drinking products that are tailored to meet the requirements of increasingly mobile lifestyles. It makes drinks available at any time – always fresh, always safe. Thanks to the advanced resealable, non-breakable, recyclable Beverage Cap Can™ which provides quick-twist-off recloseability that was previously only available on glass.

Resealable Can Closures for Beverages provide both, added value and convenience for consumers and greater shelf appeal and performance for the customer. This patented two-piece can and dome design is engineered to attach to standard can sizes utilizing existing seaming technology.

The patented Cap Can production systems is comprised of three pieces of equipment, a dome production system, a cap production system and a seal liner system to line the cap with seal material.

The seal liner system takes unlined closures and permanently attaches plastic material to the inside of the caps, thereby making it capable for pasteurization, hot fill, cold fill, retort, and aseptic filling. To attain best efforts, especially when pasteurisation is required, an extremely flexible and soft plastic is requested. With decades of experience in handling thermoplastic elastomers and developing the most demanding formulae, Actega DS had the solution on hand: SVELON® 520 L, free of PVC, conforming with FDA and EU regulations, supplied as granulate to closure manufacturers. With SVELON® Actega DS offers very well accepted and established compounds for Mineral Water, CSD, Fruit Juice, Tea, Beer, Wine/Sparkling Wine and Milk/Diary Products. The majority of high volumes fillers and Brand Owners already use one ore more of the SVELON® variants as their specified sealing material for their filled products. SVELON® 520 L is characterized by it’s excellent elastic properties, thus guaranteeing sealing to the highest technical level, especially with high concentration of carbonation and up to 60 percent alcoholic resistance. It is also suitable for cold filling, pasteurisation up to 85 °C and hot-fill up to 95 °C. These compounds are based on thermoplastic elastomers. A group of materials whose enormous flexibility and high degree of thermal and media resistance has displayed major advantages in processing and recycling in practically all areas when used as an alternative to vulcanized rubber, PVC and silicone. What's more, it also largely complies with the requirements concerning efficiency of resources and energy as well as safety and health for customers and consumers.

The DSG Seal Liner machine extrusion takes Actega DS supplied dried blended thermoplastic SVELON® 520 L, which is provided in pellet form, melts it, and inserts it into the cap. It then cold molds it into the fixed gasket utilizing the DSG patented sealing profile. The machine is equipped with an extrusion nozzle, cooling system, PC Interface operating system, defective cap reject device, and a cap output counter.

Both companies emphasizes that they are excited about this cooperation and that they await new opportunities in packaging.

Actega DS will present the collaboation and solutions also at Metpack, May 6 – 10, Essen, hall 3, stand M 30. DSG will be available for joint dicussions.

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