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Self Tracking Belt fitted with flights

and substantially reducing rejects for one.

As a market-leading manufacturer of stainless steel conveyor belts, Wire Belt has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is routinely used to help its customers develop and improve their manufacturing process. A good example of this joint approach was a recent project undertaken on behalf of a major UK-based manufacturing company.

“We were approached by an existing customer who was experiencing a high rejection rate from their end-users. The cause of this was determined to be lines of cooling product becoming stuck together whilst being conveyed in the later stages of production. The customer required that we supply a belt that would separate the individual lines of product, whilst maintaining full product support across the entire length of the conveyor.

With this brief in mind, a number of belting options from Wire Belt’s extensive range were discussed with the customer and we proposed incorporating a series of custom engineered flights into the mesh of our Self Tracking Belt. This solution would allow extremely fine lane separation without compromising the flat carrying surface of the belt. The belt’s unique non-articulating construction would also prevent any potential damage to the product during the cooling process.

An order was placed for a single belt length to be supplied with flights in order to test the design. Once the new belt had been fitted, our customer reported a massive decrease in their rejection rate on that line.

With a proven solution to the customer’s manufacturing issue, we then worked in conjunction with the customer to fine-tune the design of the flight. The project culminated in a supply order for three complete new belts with flights, plus an order to retrofit flights onto the customer’s existing stock of belting.”

Working closely with its customer to rectify their high rejection rate, Wire Belt demonstrated its ability to provide a bespoke solution where an off-the-shelf product was not available. By combining a forward-thinking and innovative approach with manufacturing experience dating back to the early 20th century, Wire Belt further established its position of being the market-leader of the steel belting industry.

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